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PT REKAYASA ENGINEERING (“PTRE”) was established in August 27th 2001 as a subsidiary of PT REKAYASA INDUSTRI and has gradually evolved from a Profit Centre of Detailed Engineering with only a handful of employees to become a multi-service engineering firm that now employs hundreds of people. The establishment is an effort to improve our competence in engineering area to serve wider industrial markets and to expand prospective engineering business in future

Nowadays, PTRE can also provide Basic Engineering & Field Engineering, Front End Engineering Design (FEED), EPC of Electrical & Instrument, EPC of Tank, and EPC Services in a wide range of engineering services area, as follows : Petrochemical and Chemical Area, Oil & Gas and Power Generation Area, Cement and Mineral Area, Industry Area.

Our goal is to provide the best engineering services for client through value creation and continuous improvement. Signifying our continuous strive toward excellence, SUCOFINDO International Certification Services approved and certified PTRE for ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 19001:2007 together with Quality Management System Certification for Engineering and Inspection Services for Process, Piping, Instrument, Electrical, Mechanical and Civil.

We committed to our clients “efficient service at the most competitive cost, on-time delivery of commitments, and confidence on their quality”, which also forms the bedrock of its customers service and quality policy. Our unfailing commitment to achieving excellence and stringent quality controls, together with the application of the state-of-the-art engineering technologies, has firmly established PTRE as a new high competent engineering company.

Armed with a competitive strategy and global certification of its capabilities, PTRE surges forward in its vision to become a key player in the local, regional and global business area.

Vision & Mission


Trusted Green Engineering Partner


To Create Sustainable Development Through Engineering Solution

Corporate Value


The corporation always maintaning and fostering the trust that has been given, to increase added value to the employer (client) and other stakeholder.


Creating an integrity as the foundation and main pillar in running a business enterprise. 


 Always build a professional working relationship with empashis on speed, accuracy and quality. 


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Man Power

The Directors and Management of PT REKAYASA ENGINEERING share a vision of technology and integrity based business development reflecting national capabilities in a highly competitive global market. Toward fulfillment of this vision PT REKAYASA ENGINEERING is developing a nucleus of competence and healthy management together with responsible, professional and talented human resources.

In recognizing the importance of qualified people in successful management and execution of projects, PT REKAYASA ENGINEERING continuously develops and up-grades the skills of its personnel. The Company requires that its Engineers hold Certificates from the Indonesian Association of Engineers.

PT REKAYASA ENGINEERING supports two types of Training Program, Specialized and Corporate Management. Engineers may also be awarded the opportunity to be sent abroad to earn higher degrees or the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) Certificate from PMI (Project Management Institute) of Philadelphia, USA.

During 2002 and 2003, all engineering projects including basic and detail design engineering were established accomplished by spending 350,000 and 400,000 man-hours respectively. Our manpower average capacity per year is about 400,000 man-hours


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